Privacy Notice

Identity and official address of responsible party

The responsible party for personal information provided by you is Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (hereafter “ITESM”), domiciled at Av. Eugenio Garza Sada Sur No. 2501, Colonia Tecnológico in Monterrey, Nuevo León, C.P. 64849, Mexico.

Personal details and sensitive personal data administered by ITESM

As part of its prospectus registration system, ITESM collects and manages personal identification, contact details as well as those pertaining to personal academic data, and in some cases employment information.

It is likewise our duty to inform you that in order to fulfill the primary and additional purposes as stated in the present Notice, ITESM will not collect or manage sensitive personal data.

Students are further informed that ITESM may collect and manage personal identification as well as personal employment and contact data pertaining to your relatives and/or any related third-party who may have parental authority or provide financial support in order to meet the primary and additional purposes derived from its legal bond with you. By providing personal information pertaining to relatives and/or related third parties, you acknowledge they are giving full consent on behalf of these parties to ITESM for said institution to handle information in ways that ensure fulfillment of primary and additional purposes as outlined in the present Notice.

Primary purposes

ITESM will manage your personal data according to the following primary and additional purposes:

  • Get in touch with you to let you know about ITESM education services.
  • Monitor any requests for information pertaining to the services offered by ITSM.
  • Apply admission exams.

Additional purposes

In addition, when you enroll in our Institution, your data will be incorporated to your academic file. Otherwise, ITESM will keep, under your consent, your persosnal data for the following purposes, which information is not considered necessary for the services solicited, but allows the Institution to offer you more complete assistance: 

  • Potential subsequent contacts.
  • Send you promotional information regarding courses, diplomas, seminars, symposiums, as well as extra-academic workshops and events.
  • Carry out surveys and evaluations to improve the quality of products and services offered by ITESM. 
  • Send you publicity and further information related to marketing, telemarketing and financial campaigns available to students.

If you do not wish to have your personal details used for the additional purposes outlined above, please write to datospersonales@itesm.mx at any time.

Refusal to have personal details used for additional purposes shall in no way be considered motive for non-fulfillment on the part of ITESM of services solicited or else justify termination of said institution’s relationship with any of its students.

Data Transfer

In order to meet all of the aforementioned purposes along with other legally binding and official stipulations, ITESM will only transfer such data in those cases stipulated by law and which do not require your consent.

ARCO Rights and/or Consent Withdrawal

You or your legal representative may exercise any and all of the access, rectification, cancellation or objection rights that are due to your name (hereafter “ARCO RIGHTS”), and may likewise revoke prior consent as regards handling of personal data, by sending an e-mail to ITESM Personal Data Department, at datospersonales@itesm.mx. You may also obtain information on procedures, requirements as well as timelines/deadlines for exercising your ARCO RIGHTS and/or withdraw consent online through our web page http://www.itesm.edu/procedimientoarcorc

Limitation and/or Dissemination of Personal Data

You may limit the use and/or diffusion of your personal data by sending a request to ITESM, at datospersonales@itesm.mx . If and when your Request is approved, it will be forwarded for registration on the exclusion list established by ITESM for such purposes.

Privacy Notice Changes

ITESM shall inform students of any modifications made in its privacy notice through the link http://www.itesm.edu and by accessing its privacy notice there.

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