Ph.D. in Financial Science

A unique, finance-focused research program

The Ph.D. in Financial Science provides students with the knowledge and analytical tools required to deal with the complexities of financial analysis, evaluation and strategy.

The finance Ph.D. program prepares students seeking training in the most advanced theoretical and applied issues in the field of finance. The program prepares students for careers in academia and research, focusing on Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Institutions and Macroeconomics.

Format: Part-time

Duration: 4.5 years

Program start: August

Language: Spanish

No prior professional experience required

Passion for scientific research in finance.


Full-time format

Part-time format.

Globally recognized faculty

Globally recognized faculty: 70% of faculty members form part of Mexico´s National System of Researchers (SNI), which speaks of national reputation in scientific contributions.

Internationalization options

Internationalization options with renowned international academic partners.

Powerful global network of strategic contacts

Powerful global network of strategic contacts through the EXATEC-EGADE Business School Association.

Global Experience

Develop Leadership Skill for Global Financial Strategy

The Ph.D. in Financial Science offers students a truly international experience by providing them with the opportunity to study abroad through international elective courses held at one of our partner universities or through a brief research stay.

Our finance Ph.D. students may also choose to participate in Small Network Online Courses (SNOCs), a series of online programs offered by partner universities of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM). These courses link students from multiple member schools through an online platform and video conferencing for lectures, discussions and team projects.

Format and Concentration Areas

A knowledge-innovation generation

The Ph.D. in Financial Science is a 4.5-year full-time research program with a scientific focus. The admissions periods are in August of each year. The program is quantitative-based and designed to have a high impact on both academic and financial communities.

Students are able to broaden their perspectives through seminars given by experts in the field who help them gain a more comprehensive understanding of today´s financial and banking industries. Among the visiting lecturers are Financial Risk Management directors from different banking institutions who discuss the application of theory to practice.

Ph.D. in Financial Science


Capstone Courses

12 units

Business Policy, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic Courses

12 units

Advanced Microeconomics

Financial Information and Decision Making

Calculus and Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistics

Core Courses

12 units

Open Macroeconomics

Investment Theory

Mathematics for Finance

Concentration Areas

12 units

Elective I

Elective II

Elective III

Elective IV

Elective V

Research Proposals

12 units

Research Methodology

Research Proposal I

Research Proposal II

Research Proposal III

Research Seminars

4 units

Research Seminar I

Research Seminar II

Research Seminar III

Research Courses

12 units

Assisted Research l

Assisted Research lI

Assisted Research lII

Doctoral Research I

Doctoral Research II

Doctoral Research III

Doctoral Research IV

Doctoral Research V

Doctoral Research VI

Doctoral Research VII

Doctoral Research VIII

Doctoral Research IX

Doctoral Research X

Doctoral Research XI

Doctoral Research XII

Doctoral Defense

1 unit

Doctoral Defense


Take a step towards an intellectual and stimulating challenge

Application Periods:
  • August

The Ph.D. in Financial Science is specially designed for students passionate about generating new knowledge in the field of finance. These students need to have an academic background in mathematics, actuarial studies, finance, economics, operations and engineering research, as well as have special analytical and quantitative skills.

Ph.D. in Financial Science

Profile of the Generation

32% Mujeres DCF
68% Hombres DCF




Average age

Years of


Experiencia Profesional






89% Mexican

11% Foreign

Research areas

Sector DCF

Risk Management: 69%

Risk Management, 69%

Corporate Finance: 31%

Corporate Finance, 31%

The admission committee of this finance Ph.D. program seeks talented and high potential applicants and reviews applications on an individual basis, looking at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of an applicant’s professional and academic background, and will assess potential for academic success and future professional growth. Prior professional experience is not required and admission is possible from Bachelor or Master´s studies.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission application form
  • Admission test score (PAEP or equivalent)
  • Three recommendation letters, academic or professional
  • Up-to-date CV (CVU)
  • Official documentation
  • English language competence score (TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Letter indicating reasons for application
  • Interview with the Program Director or Faculty member
  • Research project proposal

*Admission advisors across all EGADE Business School locations will guide you through all aspects of the admission process for the Ph.D. in Financial Science program.

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