El decano De la Vega da mensaje a graduados en la Ciudad de México

El decano De la Vega da mensaje a graduados en la Ciudad de México

El decano De la Vega da mensaje a graduados en la Ciudad de México

The unstoppable economic and social change the world is currently experiencing demands inspiring, entrepreneurial, positive and global leaders, said the dean of EGADE Business School, Ignacio de la Vega, to the new generation of 210 specialists, masters and doctors in the School’s December graduation ceremony in Mexico City.

The school awarded degrees to 167 graduates from its MBA and Master of Finance (MAF) programs, 33 from the Specialization in Energy Management (EAE) and 10 from the Doctorates in Administrative Science (DCA) and Financial Science (DCF).

“Change is the only permanent thing out there in the market. Its speed, complexity and depth demand from each and every one of you a daily effort in comprehension and updating, thus eliminating the need to predict the future, but rather making you the protagonists of its design,” said Dean De la Vega during the ceremony.

“Change requires of you a new style of leadership that is inspiring, entrepreneurial, responsible, positive and global,” he added.

Global like the profile of this generation, which is made up of students from Austria, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, France, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

In addition to Dean de la Vega, the ceremony was led by Juan Pablo Murra, Dean of the School of Business of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Rashid Abella, Vice President of the Mexico City region of Tecnológico de Monterrey, José Antonio Quesada, Director of EGADE Business School in Mexico City, and Mario Vela Berrondo, CEO of Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) and guest speaker.

“Today is the official start of a new stage of your lives, in which your expectations, and those of the people surrounding you, will be much higher. Your graduate degrees are a key that will help you to open doors. What you achieve once you have gone through the door, is now 100% your own responsibility,” Berrondo told the graduates in an inspiring speech, in which he also shared his seven key points for achieving high-impact careers:

  • Always believe in yourselves.
  • Have a spectacular drive.
  • Have a life plan.
  • Have a mentor.
  • Always focus on the important things.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Be grateful.

Mikel Piña Bilbao, who, given his academic excellence in MAF was in charge of offering a message on behalf of his generation, in which he said to his fellow graduates: “We must not lose sight of the fact that our debt to Mexico is now even greater.”

“We have an enormous responsibility to act in our companies with ethical values, motivated by social good and sustainable development,” assured Mikel.

At the end of the ceremony, Dean Murra took the graduates’ pledge and told them, “Have an extraordinary life, a unique life, a valuable life. We are proud of all your achievements.”

With this new generation, the total number of academic degrees awarded by EGADE Business School grew to 6,962.

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Graduation EGADE Business School | Mexico City - Dec, 2017

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