Jesús Alfredo Nava Escárcega y Cristina Ocaña Núñez, egresados de EGADE Business School

Jesús Alfredo Nava Escárcega y Cristina Ocaña Núñez, egresados de EGADE Business School

Jesús Alfredo Nava Escárcega y Cristina Ocaña Núñez, egresados de EGADE Business School

Two EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey alumni are recognized on Expansión Publishing Group’s May 2017 list of “30 Most Promising Leaders for Change.” The list names 30 professionals who are having a short-, medium-, and long-term impact on Mexico’s economic and social development. 

The Expansión “30 Most Promising Leaders for Change” includes two EGADE Business School graduates, Cristina Ocaña Núñez and Jesús Alfredo Nava Escárcega.

Jesús Alfredo Nava Escárcega, with a Master in Finance at EGADE Business School, is the director of Financing and Investor Relations at Vinte, a vertically integrated real-estate developer with a cost-effectiveness approach. "I have dedicated my professional life to promoting the dignity of housing in our country, working together with agencies of international cooperation for development. I am convinced that a decent housing that promotes the coexistence of its inhabitants is one of the social assets with the greatest multiplier effects that a country can build," said the graduate, who acknowledges that Tecnológico de Monterrey forged its responsibility as a graduate with a human outlook and vision of transcendence. "At a welcome meeting at Tec I received a message that changed my life: 'You are fortunate and talented, but you also have an enormous responsibility to use those virtues to serve Mexico.' These words stuck with me throughout my studies at Tec," he acknowledged.

Cristina Ocaña Núñez, with an MBA in Global Business & Strategy, is currently the manager of Global Strategy for Diversity and Inclusion at 3M Mexico, a groundbreaking business actively committed to developing Mexican talent; it has created several programs and strategies to foster gender equality and create a more-inclusive environment for women to grow within the company.

"I am very happy to be able to apply everything I have learned so far, both in school and in my professional life, in a subject as important as diversity and inclusion. I am very proud to be able to represent Mexican talent in another country and very committed to making a difference that impacts the world, "said Cristina.

The people on this list take on the task and responsibility of solving the problems and challenges of today’s economy.

The list is made up of people under 40 who have the potential to impact the country’s development through their business, civil-society, or academic activity, or whatever they are working on. Expansión identifies students, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, executives, activists, researchers, public servants, or members of civil associations that stand out in what they do and have a promising future for Mexico’s wellbeing.  

The young leaders come from different sectors, including finance, business, politics, technology, and others, and they are “agents of evolution and impetus for generations to come,” according to the magazine.

The “30 Most Promising” list also includes six graduates with undergraduate degrees from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. 

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