Marco Serrato

Marco Serrato

Marco Serrato


Models to Mitigate Risk in Supply Chains in Mexico

Wednesday, 12 July, 2017

Dr. Marco Serrato, Vice Dean of Continuing Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey and professor at EGADE Business School, co-authored the article “A framework of the risk assessment for the supply chain of hazardous materials” with Dr. Víctor Rayas, professor of Tecnológico de Monterrey in Campus Santa Fe. The article was published in the research journal Netnomics of the German publisher Springer.

Through this research work, Dr. Serrato and Dr. Rayas presented a framework of risk assessment models and analyze the Mexican context of the supply chain for hazardous materials.

A new set of risk assessment mathematical models is developed for each main activity of closed-loop supply chains for hazardous materials. This mathematical model can be used to evaluate suppliers, transportation routes, outsourcing options and the material itself.

Besides, a proportional risk-assessment technique is used to define risk cost calculation for the hazardous materials management using the National Fire Protection Agency classification.

This is crucial in the current energy sector, since hazardous materials represent a logistics challenge because of the risk involved at their handling. The investigated models require a previous analysis of the activities in order to calculate factors, such as the accident rate and possible affected population, among others; that could affect the cost in case of an accident.

Analyzing the risk, cost values can be used by decision makers to determine which activities should be outsourced in order to avoid the risk itself or to fulfill laws and regulations.

Keywords: mathematical models, risk, supply chain, México, hazardous materials

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