The 2016–2017 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking has once again recognized EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey as a leader in Latin America, with the best postgraduate business programs in Mexico and Latin America leading the lists in their respective categories.

EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey ratifies its leadership as the business school with the best postgraduate programs in business in Mexico and Latin America, according to the prestigious international ranking Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2016-2017.

The programs of EGADE Business School as a whole have performed better than in the last edition of the ranking, highlighting the Master in Finance, which in addition to continuing as number 1 in Latin America advances in the world ranking to the 25th place among 100 Ranked institutions, and the Masters in Business Administration and Management (MBA) from EGADE Business School, which ranks from the 4th to the 1st place in Latin America.

The prestigious 2016–2017 Eduniversal Best Master Ranking placed EGADE Business School masters in the top positions. The Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking placed EGADE Business School programs in leadership positions, highlighting the outstanding quality of the MBA, which appears in 1st place among 20 schools Ranked in Latin America in the category "General Management", as well as the Master in Finance, which in addition to continuing as number 1 in Latin America advances in the world ranking to 25th place among 100 programs classified in the "Financial Markets" category.

In addition, the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2017 recognizes the leadership of the Executive MBA of EGADE Business School as the number 1 program in Mexico in the category "Executive MBA & Part Time MBA", and the MBA in Global Business & Strategy as the best program in Mexico in the "Full Time MBA" category.

Every year, Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking evaluates more than 12,000 masters and MBA programs worldwide with a survey of 5,000 recruiters, 800,000 students, and more than 10,000 representatives from a thousand academic institutions from 154 countries. It is the only ranking that individually examines worldwide masters programs at 30 campuses. The goal of this evaluation is to help future students make the best decision about their postgraduate studies.

The main criteria that this ranking published by French consulting firm Eduniversal take into account are: the program’s reputation (based on opinions of human resource directors and on the school’s Excellence Palme level), the salary of the alumnus’ first job, and current student satisfaction (through a survey). There are extra points for diverse nationalities, the option of working abroad, the students’ former professional experience, and the development of distance learning.

"EGADE Business School’s programs are the ones that best prepare Latin American entrepreneurial and transformational leaders, not only to be internationally competitive, but to lead the transition of our societies towards the knowledge economy and transform our companies so that they create sustainable value and inclusive development models that positively impact our communities," said Juan Pablo Murra, dean of the Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

"The great relevance of its academic programs in the global business context, along with the great talent and international competitiveness of our graduates, have strengthened the position of leader in EGADE Business School in this ranking", he added, thanking the contribution to this achievement the entire community of graduates, students, teachers and administrative staff of the School.

This is one more achievement for EGADE Business School, after the one it got last November with the Eduniversal Best Business Schools ranking, which placed Tecnológico de Monterrey’s business school as the indisputable leader both in Mexico and in Latin America for the sixth consecutive year. The School was also ranked in the top 35 worldwide by region from among 1,000 prestigious institutions from 154 countries all over the world.


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