El capitalismo consciente llega a México

El capitalismo consciente llega a México

El capitalismo consciente llega a México

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Conscious capitalism reaches Mexico: TecReview

Monday, 18 September, 2017

Article published in TecReview

By Andrea López

What is the purpose of creating a company? If your answer is “to make money”, you are behind the times. A new way of thinking is transforming the business world: conscious capitalism, i.e., develop companies with the main objective of serving the environment, society, the world.

Raj Sisodia, founder and leader of the global movement Conscious Capitalism, commented to Tec Review, “It’s about trying to find a way to help others, act meaningfully, and share wellbeing and happiness. In other words, having a positive impact.”

“Until now, corporations have only sought to take resources and generate profits. Conscious capitalism invites us to evolve, to become true agents of change in order to make Earth a more prosperous place for everyone,” he added, while explaining that this does not mean disregarding performance, since “conscious companies have been seen to have a far greater performance than others.”

Since 2010, the Conscious Capitalism organization has been offering support and guidance for companies across the globe that understand and wish to apply this mindset, through the chapters that, so far, have been opened in 12 different countries. This group is about to be joined by Mexico, where conscious capitalism enthusiasts are already working together to achieve this.

According to Rocío Díaz, CEO of Conscious Capitalism Mexico, the first step is to bring together 25 companies that will set out on the path to conscious practices at the beginning of 2018. As of that time, diverse activities will be carried out with the participation of other interested organizations and individuals, such as a monthly meeting to discuss principles and trends and to share experiences.

In addition, the Mexico chapter has already approached the government and academia to foster the acquisition of this mindset in our country. The first interested organization was Tecnológico de Monterrey “where students will be able to learn from Mexican entrepreneurs and companies,” commented Díaz González.

Why the Tec?

“Our aim is for conscious capitalism to form part of the system,” affirmed Juan Pablo Murra, Dean of the School of Business of Tecnológico de Monterrey, during an interview. “In this way, if the Tec is preparing the leaders of tomorrow, the best thing for us to do would be to develop this mindset in them, so that it becomes natural for them.”

To this end, Murra Lascurain explained that specific courses will be offered and diverse experiences launched, but, most importantly, “Conscious Capitalism will become part of the culture, firstly at the School of Business and afterwards across the rest of the university, so that these principles can be applied in everything we teach and do at the Tec.”

The dean is confident that this will serve to transform society, the country and, at the same time, drive the growth of the Mexican economy.



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