Daniel Maranto y Carlos Scheel.

Daniel Maranto and Carlos Scheel.

Daniel Maranto y Carlos Scheel.


The challenge of making the Circular Economy competitive

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

How to make the Circular Economy competitive? That was the matter addressed by Dr. Daniel Maranto and Dr. Carlos Scheel, who together presented the videoconference "The Circular Economy Challenge: Making It Competitive", at the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) 2017.

The DIF is a festival of online ideas that this 2017 brought together economists, businessmen, academics, designers, futurists, urban planners and more to reflect on the question, what if we could redesign everything?

On an online session published on November 15, the professors of EGADE Business School warned that the problem is that there is no sustainable and systemic design to grow for regions that recovers the environmental and social damage created by industrialization, and that improves the quality of life of the population and that simultaneously allows for economic, ascending growth mainly for emerging economies of the planet.

Maranto pointed out that traditional organizations have placed strong emphasis on economic development, however, this has been at the expense of social development and environmental resilience.

“Circular Economy proposes several models designed to transform waste, residues and obsolete products, into valuable products and services, thus social wellbeing is improved, as well as a resilient environment is achieved,” he said.

The challenge, continued Scheel, is how to turn sustainable initiatives into economically viable and competitive projects.

“The core is to shift the conventional equation, of producing economic benefits and then make them sustainable). This implies a disruptive innovation breakthrough of the organizational mind set of linear organizations and regions to a circular and systemic approach. So, sustainable economic growth has to be disruptive, systemic, circular and shared,” concluded the co-author of Innovation for sustainable development.

Watch the full videopresentation:

Keywords: Circular Economy, Scheel, Maranto

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