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Bolster your analytical and management skills

The MBA offers a comprehensive perspective of organizations functional areas in a global context and prepares its students to lead and transform their organizations successfully and responsibly.

This executive MBA will open doors to multiple networking opportunities, which will help you build enduring and beneficial mutual relationships to take your professional career to the next level.

Consultancy and entrepreneurship projects, advice from expert leaders, internship opportunities and job fairs sponsored by the main multinational firms, guarantee our students their professional career growth.

Format: Part-time

Duration: 2.5 years

Program start: 

  • Mexico City and Monterrey: January, April and September
  • Guadalajara, Querétaro y Panamá: April and September

Languages: Spanish, with some classes in English

Years of experience required: 3 years

Start your life-changing experience in global business today.


#1 MBA en México y América Latina

#1 MBA in Mexico and Latin America

AméricaEconomía MBA Ranking 2017


#1 MBA in Mexico and Latin America
(“General Management” category)

Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2016-2017

The Association of MBAs

Program accredited by The Association of MBAs (AMBA), the organization of accreditation of MBA programs that sets the global standards for MBA education.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

EGADE Business School´s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem offers opportunities to develop entrepreneurial competencies during your program.

Executive format

Executive format: flexibility that allows you to balance your MBA and your professional and personal success.

More than 50 executive international programs

More than 50 executive international programs offered along with our globally renowned academic partners.

11 optional dual-degree programs

Portfolio of 11 optional dual-degree programs with the most prestigious business schools worldwide.

 Master in Advanced Management

Exclusive option to enroll in the Master in Advanced Management program at Yale School of Management, as a student or graduate of our MBA program.

Concentrations in six specialist areas

Concentrations in six specialist areas, which allow you to personalize your MBA in collaboration with global academic partners.

28 prestigious international business schools

Global connection with MBA students and alumni from 29 prestigious international business schools through the Global Network for Advanced Management.

EXATEC-EGADE Business School Association

Powerful global network of strategic contacts through the EXATEC-EGADE Business School Association.

Global experience

Acquire a truly global business vision

The agreements established with leading universities and business schools on five continents provide the basis for our students to gain a truly global business vision:


Acquire a global business perspective, build international networks and get your degree from EGADE Business School and other prestigious business schools worldwide.

International exchanges

Experience an academic period abroad and learn from immersion in new cultures, as well as from academic and professional contexts from other renowned universities around the world.

International courses

Live an international experience with intensive courses at leading universities worldwide.

Global Network for Advanced Management

EGADE Business School is a founding partner and only business school in Mexico of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) network, led by Yale School of Management and in which 29 international business schools participate:

  • Global Network Week: an intensive international exchange program held every March and October since 2013 with students from the 29 international business schools that are part of this prestigious global network.
  • Global Network Courses: The SNOC (Small Network Online Courses) courses provide an innovative platform for MBA students from across the GNAM network to collaborate on projects and discuss current business trends.

Format and Concentration Areas

The EGADE MBA is a trimester-based program that can be completed part-time study with duration of 2.5 years. The admissions periods are in January, April and September of each year.

This program offers an integral educational model that combines academic and practice-based excellence, which includes workshops focused on the development of management and leadership skills needed to succeed in a global environment. The MBA offers a certain number of courses, with the flexibility of combining your classes with your professional commitments, as well as numerous international executive program options with prestigious business schools worldwide.



Homologation Course

Business Analytics Foundations

12 units

Capstone Courses

Corporate Governance and Ethics

6 units

Corporate Sustainability

6 units

Basic Courses

Leadership and Managing people in Organizations

12 units

Leadership Workshop


Corporate Finance

12 units

Managerial Skills I

4 units

Communication and Critical Thinking Workshop

Business Intelligence

6 units

Big Data Workshop

Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies

12 units


12 units


12 units

Core Courses

Strategy and Negotiations in Multicultural Environments

12 units

Negotiation Workshop

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

12 units

Design Thinking Workshop

Managerial Skills II

4 units

Consulting Workshop

Service Management

6 units

Strategic Management

12 units

Concentration Areas

Elective I

12 units

Elective II

12 units

Elective III

12 units

Applied Project

12 units

Our MBA program allows you to be the leader of your own academic path through concentration courses focused on specialty areas, generally taught in English by professors with ample leadership, consulting, and research experience in the areas of the specializations. Each concentration is linked to an international academic partner to strengthen your global business vision and experience.

MBA + 6 concentrations


Concentration available in Mexico City and Monterrey.

Prepares MBA students with the competencies to contribute to the building of successful brands and the planning, evaluation and implementation of innovative marketing strategies that support business growth and sustainability. Students receive a solid foundation in identifying global and local market opportunities.

The courses include:

Market Intelligence

Brand Strategy

Marketing Communication

Digital Marketing

Applied Project


Concentration available in Guadalajara.

Prepares MBA students with a truly global business vision and experience. Students gain multicultural insights, an understanding of global macro political-economic context, negotiation skills, and the competencies to develop, design and implement strategies that contribute to the globalization of the organization.

The courses include:

Advanced Quantitative Methods for Operations

Lean Thinking and Process Innovation

Technological Management of the Supply Chain

Applied Project


Concentration available in Mexico City.

The MBA concentration in Entrepreneurship & Innovation is designed to foster high-impact venture creation and to develop the competencies to champion and manage corporate entrepreneurship. Students will develop entrepreneurial competencies through “action-learning” and experiential development, working in multi-disciplinary teams.

The courses include:

Culture and Human Capital Management in New Business

Digital Marketing

Finance for Entrepreneurs, Private Capital and Regulatory Aspects

Business Models and Innovation

Field Project


Concentration available in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Prepares MBA students to take a proactive role in value creation inside the organization, developing competencies in financial analysis and in the formulation and assessment of strategic investment, financing and risk management alternatives in a highly competitive and uncertain global environment.

The courses include:

Global Financial Strategy

Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects

Mergers & Acquisitions

Applied Project


Concentration available in Querétaro.

Prepares MBA students to successfully lead manufacturing and service organizations in the competitive global business context. Students will gain a deep understanding of market and organizational strategies and develop a systemic understanding of the supply chain and the global operations processes that enhance business value and sustainability.

The courses include:

Advanced Quantitative Methods for Operations

Lean Thinking and Process Innovation

Global Supply Chain Design and Optimization

Global Trade and Logistics Strategy

Management for Supply Chain

Applied Project


Concentration available in Monterrey.

Prepares MBA students with the vision and skills to develop service-logic business models with a customer-centric focus. Students learn to analyze context in the constantly changing service environment, gaining insights into global best practice and developing competencies for value creation inside and outside the service organization.

The courses include:

Service Strategies

Service Experience: The Customer Perspective

Service Innovation

Applied Project


Take the next step to becoming a leader that leaves a trace

Application Periods:
  • Mexico City and Monterrey: January, April and September

  • Guadalajara, Querétaro and Panamá: April and September

EGADE Business School seeks talented and high potential applicants with the potential to develop the competencies, the character and the vision needed to lead businesses globally.


Profile of the Generation

32% Mujeres MBA
68% Hombres MBA




Average age

Years of


Experiencia Profesional




Part-time: 96%

Full-time: 4%


87% Mexican

13% Foreign


Sector MBA

Financial Services: 21%

Servicios Financieros, 21%

Manufacturing: 21%

Manufactura, 21%

Consulting: 9%

Consultoría, 9%

Food & Beverage: 8%

Alimentos, 8%

Consumer products: 7%

Bienes de Consumo, 7%

Construction Industry: 7%

Construcción, 7%

Service: 6%

Servicios, 6%

Information Technology: 6%

Tecnologías de la información, 6%

Pharmaceutical: 6%

Farmacéutico, 6%

Education: 4%

Educación, 4%

Public Sector: 3%

Sector Público, 3%

Others: 2%

Otros, 2%

Admission to the MBA is highly competitive. The admissions committee reviews applications on an individual basis, looking at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of an applicant’s professional and academic background, and will assess potential for academic success and future professional growth.

Admission requirements

  • Admission application form
  • Admission test score (PAEP or equivalent)
  • Two professional recommendation letters
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Official documentation
  • English language competence score (TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Letter indicating reasons for application
  • Interview with the Program Director or Faculty member

*Admission advisors across all EGADE Business School locations will guide you through all aspects of the admission process for the MBA program.

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