Format: Full-time

Duration:  1 year

Location: Mexico City

Program Admission: September, 2018

Language: English

Professional experience: 3 years

Transform your business, career and life through innovation.

For Whom

Executives and Corporate Intrapreneurs who focus on innovation

Executives and Corporate Intrapreneurs who focus on innovation

Develop new business and market opportunities, design new business models, transform vision, strategy and culture that creates value and enhances the competitiveness of your organization.

Turn your ideas into reality

Start-up Entrepreneurs with plans to create a business

Turn your ideas into reality. The program will provide you with a hands-on, experiential focus for the creation, evaluation, development and launch readiness of your business venture. Ideate, iterate and innovate until you succeed.

Entrepreneurs with plans to grow their business

Entrepreneurs with plans to grow their business

Take your business to the next level. Disrupt your thinking with a framework for exploring new markets, models and strategies to consolidate your business for rapid scale-up and sustainable growth. Build your leadership skills to successfully manage new challenges.

One Year Transforms Everything


1. Total immersion


The program delivers a holistic learning experience and features leadership assessment, executive coaching and career planning. Participation at INCmty (Latin America’s leading entrepreneurship festival) and focused study-visits to Guadalajara (Creative Digital City renowned for its high-tech cluster and vibrant start-up culture).

Global Residencies. Provide you with international perspectives, insights and experience and help build your global professional network:

  • Silicon Valley, USA
  • Israel (Start-up Nation)
  • China


2. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem@EGADE Business School


Keynote conferences & entrepreneurship & innovation workshops, Entrepreneurs Club, Networking, New Venture Challenge, I-Corps program, Innovation Challenge, Venture Capital Pitching & Global Launchpad.


3. Powerful Global Network


Connect and build your network with talented peers in the MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and with EXATEC-EGADE Business School Alumni. Connect globally with MBA students and alumni from 29 prestigious international business schools on five continents through EGADE Business School’s membership of the Global Network for Advanced Management.


4. Innovation Lab


The only program in which students interact directly with companies solving key real problems. During the process, the students receive mentorship from the company's top executives.

Your Transformative Year at EGADE Business School

Full-Time MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship


September- December

Managerial Skills I
4 units

Corporate Governance and Ethics
6 units

Business Analytics Foundations
12 units

Leadership and Managing People in Organizations
12 units

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
12 units

Building Entrepreneurial Team, Values and Cultures
6 units

January- April

Managerial Economics
12 units

Business Intelligence & Analytics
6 units

Business Model Design
12 units

Venture Creation I 
4 units

Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy
12 units

Corporate Finance
12 units

April- July

Managerial Skills II
4 units

Business Strategy
12 units

Operations Management
12 units

Service Management
6 units

Finance for Entrepreneurs, Private Equity & Regulation
12 units

Venture Creation II
4 units

Entrepreneurial Branding
6 units


Corporate Sustainability 
6 units

Strategy & Negotiation in Multicultural Environments
12 units

Venture Creation III
4 units



Accelerate your journey to success

Program Site: 
  • EGADE Business School Santa Fe, Mexico City




  • September, 2018

Admission to the MBA is highly competitive. The admissions committee reviews applications on an individual basis, looking at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of an applicant’s professional and academic background, and will assess potential for academic success and future professional growth.


  • Admission application form
  • Admission test score (PAEP or equivalent)
  • Two professional recommendation letters
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Official documentation
  • Visa of the United States of America and Israel (if needed)
  • English language competence score (TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Letter indicating reasons for application
  • Interview with the Program Director or Faculty member

* Admission advisors across all EGADE Business School locations will guide you through all aspects of the admission process for the MBA program.

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