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What is the EXATEC-EGADE Business School community?

Recognized across Mexico and Latin America for developing competitive business leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic outlook, EGADE Business School has built a global reputation based on the outstanding quality of its alumni, an innovative education model, academic prestige, noteworthy achievements in research and the global character of its programs.

The EGADE Alumni Community has grown to become a powerful network that brings together more than 15,000 global leaders worldwide. The department provides lifetime support for alumni through the creation of effective communication networks and services that generate employment, business, socialization and community support opportunities.

International rankings recognize the progress in the professional development of our alumni

#1 business school with higher wage levels in their alumni

QS Top MBA Jobs Salary Trends 2015/2016

64% average salary increase after graduating from OneMBA

Global EMBA Ranking 2015

#1 network power in alumni

Ranking MBA 2015

We develop internationally competitive business leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic outlook


Profile of the Generation

32% Mujeres EXATEC
68% Hombres EXATEC


Financial Services: 21%

Financial Services, 21%

Manufacturing: 17%

Manufacturing, 17%

Consumer Products: 16%

Consumer Products, 16%

Education: 7%

Education, 7%

Technology: 6%

Technology, 6%

Consulting: 6%

Consulting, 6%

Petroleum / Energy: 6%

Petroleum / Energy, 6%

Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare / Biotechnology: 5%

Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare / Biotechnology, 5%

Logistics / Transport: 5%

Logistics / Transport, 5%

Construction Industry: 4%

Construction Industry, 4%

Government: 3%

Government, 3%

Marketing: 2%

Marketing, 2%

Real Estate: 2%

Real Estate, 2%

Non Governmental Organization: 2%

Non Governmental Organization, 2%

Media / Entertainment: 1%

Media / Entertainment, 1%

Health: 1%

Health, 1%


Manager: 42%

Manager, 42%

Head of department or Area: 13%

Head of department or Area, 13%

Executive: 11%

Executive MBA, 11%

VP / Subdirector: 10%

VP / Subdirector, 10%

Coordinator / Supervisor: 8%

Coordinator / Supervisor, 8%

CEO / Managing Director / Owner: 7%

CEO / Managing Director / Owner, 7%

Regional or Departamental Director: 6%

Regional or Departamental Director, 6%

Teacher / Researcher: 2%

Teacher/ Researcher, 2%

Independent Professionals: 1%

Independant Professionals, 1%

Assistant: 1%

Assistant, 1%

of alumni live and work abroad

Services and benefits

Build a truly global network of contacts

EGADE Business School promotes leadership as a catalyst for change and as a truly professional and personal transformation, in order to think like a business leader, to understand complex business issues and think strategically.

Connect and collaborate with the EXATEC-EGADE Business School Alumni Community through continuing education, executive education, workshops and seminars, networking and positioning events.

We offer our Alumni Community the following career services:

Executive Education

Transforming senior-management executives into global leaders

EGADE Business School is widely recognized as Latin America’s leading business school for Executive Education. Our programs build on the expertise of over 200 top quality faculty with solid international experience, prestigious links with the best global education alliances for senior managers, allowing an avant-garde training with the most disruptive and innovative models.

We offer open programs that reinforce the strategic vision and global leadership needed to manage the organizations of an increasingly globalized world, with a concrete focus on Senior Management needs; as well as customized programs that co-create unique and tailored solutions according to the organizations´ strategy, objectives and corporate culture.

Our open and custom programs are offered in the following cities in Mexico and Latin America:

Mexico: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Cuernavaca.

Latin America: Lima, Peru.

Our Executive Education programs provide leading edge preparation with today’s most disruptive and innovative models.

Talent Development

The Talent Development Program is aimed at diagnosing and developing competencies in our alumni in order to increase their competitiveness in an ever more demanding business environment.

Program Phases:

  • Competency-based assessment and feedback:

Competencies are diagnosed using the Wave method, a complete, integrated assessment tool that offers a sophisticated diagnosis of each individual´s behavioral style, motivation, competencies and, preferred working environment.

  • Competency-based workshops:

The workshops aim to develop and enhance skills, abilities, attitudes and values. The key to professional success rests on personal and technical skills. Our workshops with students and graduates develop the skills most valued by organizations.

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative capacity
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Strategic intelligence
  • Capacity to relate to others
  • Executive coaching sessions:

Executive coaching sessions are designed for graduates to develop and enhance their managerial skills. The benefits of a coaching process increases productivity, improves performance, manageability, and use of time.

Career Services

We maintain a double commitment with our students and alumni by providing services that take their professional careers to the next level, and by facilitating access to recruiters to profiles that are better suited to their requirements.

Services provided:

  • Promotion of development opportunities:
  • Online job board
  • Access to the HigherEd Global Talent Portal, the EFMD platform that connects students, schools and corporates in the network on a global level. International vacancies in more than 346 companies worldwide. To learn more about this network click here.
  • ​Vacancies and recruiting sessions
  • Orientation of the labor market:
  • CV and cover letter review
  • Competency-based interview simulation
  • Search and application strategies for job opportunities
  • Conferences and workshops aimed at optimizing employability

Business Acceleration Programs and Development:

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two of the core values ​​of EGADE Business School. Fully committed to the development of entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in our alumni, we seek to develop and consolidate start-ups and businesses, and foster an ecosystem to facilitate financing of projects that maximize growth and social welfare.

Centers of Excellence

Knowledge and research that transforms the needs of the business world

EGADE Business School offers students, alumni and the business community customized executive programs, develop and acceleration of companies’ programs, as well as programs that help in developing business competencies.

Entrepreneurship Center

EGADE Business School is a world-class institution in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem was created to capitalize on all initiatives and projects related to entrepreneurship and innovation to bring these values and pillars of the School the next level.

  • ENLACE E+ E: an initiative designed to accelerate the development and consolidation of new companies, linking successful entrepreneurs from every region of the country with high growth potential firms.
  • Business Accelerator: actively supports the consolidation and development of SMEs and gazelle companies, jointly establishing development programs to boost their sales and increase employment, and, consequently, their regional, national and international growth.
  • Family Business Center: provides a comprehensive perspective of the family-run business, as a platform for generating new business initiatives, providing solid business management foundations, as well as specific management tools with a global outlook that supports the sustained growth of family businesses.
Center for Sustainability
  • SUSTENTUS focuses its efforts on sustainability through studies oriented toward corporations and social entrepreneurship, connecting academia, private initiative, the government and civil society in joint projects.


To obtain your exclusive EXATEC ID, please send an e-mail to nmeza@itesm.mx  (Mexico City) or irmairene@itesm.mx (Monterrey) with the following details:

  • A color photograph in .jpg format (from shoulders up), with filename containing matricula number. For ex: 555444.jpg
  • Full name
  • Matricula number
  • Campus
  • Graduation date
  • Master’s/Doctorate Degree

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A collaborative, committed and connected global community

The EGADE Business School network is constantly growing. Feel free to share information here, including your contact details, to help us keep you up to date on news and events within the EXATEC-EGADE Business School Community. .

Take an active part in how the Tecnológico de Monterrey´s Alumni Community transforms today´s world!

Mexico City: Nayeli Meza


Monterrey: María Livas


Guadalajara: German Cano


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