Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The EGADE Business School Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will bring students, entrepreneurs, corporations and investors together in an ecosystem that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship and generates important, complex knowledge.

We hope to have a strong impact on Mexico and Latin America’s economic development through business growth, by attracting innovative startup projects and established corporations and linking them to investors and venture capitalists who can bring about financial returns. We also help entrepreneurs and large businesses to process public financial support for innovation projects. We support developed technologies in applied research centers, and we are a catalyst and transmitter of entrepreneurial knowhow and experience for EGADE Business School students.

We firmly believe that Mexico’s potential for reaching new competitive indices lies in innovation. That is why we foster mechanisms that commit each of the entrepreneurial ecosystem players to a unique collaborative dynamic with high value added in Mexico. Students, mentors, investors, corporations, the government, startups, schools, and other organizations take an active part in creating value for entrepreneurs from their perspective through access to capital, networking, and knowhow.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will reach these goals through several high-impact projects and initiatives:

Reuniones mensuales de networking

Monthly networking meetings through the Monterrey Investment Network, introducing startups/scale-ups to investors, corporations, and students.  

Integración de una red de corporativos aliados

Integration of a network of allied corporations that support innovative projects.

Involucramiento de alumnos participando en startups

Student involvement in startups/scale-ups, as “entrepreneurs in residence,” to strengthen their growth.

Conferencias, paneles y talleres sobre capital privado

Lectures, panels, and workshops on private capital, corporate venture capital, innovation, intrapreneurship, and other topics related to entrepreneurial development.

Generación de programas para crear más fondos de Capital Privado.

Creation of private-capital-fund-generating programs.

Facilitar foros donde los grandes corporativos

Providing forums for large corporations to share their needs with the entrepreneurial community, to seek creative solutions to their technological needs and new markets to bring the creativity and dynamism of startups together with technological and marketing road maps in large companies.

Conference contents:

Private Equity and Venture Capital
Corporate Venture Capital
Open Innovation
Search Funds

Center linkage

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship within its ecosystem, maintains links with entities to support the entrepreneur through:

Mentors and Investors
Accelerating Incubators
Corporate and Government

Leadership & team

Dr. Félix Cárdenas del Castillo
Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
+52 (81) 8625 6183

Luis Antonio Márquez Heine
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Mexico City
+52 (55) 9177 8023

Dr. José Manuel Saiz Álvarez
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
+52 (33) 3669 3000

Celina Garza Sánchez
Operations and Logistics
+52 (81) 8625 6311


Lilia E. Bárcena Caballero
Coordinator, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Mexico City
+52 (55) 9177 8000 Ext. 7668


Javier Gómez Bárcena
Link for Ecosystem Students and Communities
+52 (81) 8625 6187


Jesús Emmanuel Carrillo Gallegos
Corporate Network of Innovative Companies
+52 (81) 8625 6285


Mauricio Etienne Cárdenas
Fundraising and Vertical
+52 (81) 8625 6000 Ext. 6311


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